For museums, exhibitions, organizations and events, iolabs prints and finishes a wide variety of banners, scrims and fabric signage. From unique, fire-retardant, sheer fabric, to 18 oz. opaque-backed, pole-pocketed banners, for indoor or outdoor use, our reasonably-price banner prints and finishing will allow you to stand apart.

All of our banner materials are beautifully printed and custom-finished with grommets, pole pockets or magnetic hanging solutions, along with hemmed or fused edges for durable, long-term interior or exterior use and re-use. Banner, scrim and soft sign material samples are available upon request.


We stock a variety of custom printable adhesive-backed vinyls for temporary or long-term interior and exterior projects of any scale. From removable, smooth, white satin or textured surface wall materials, to translucent frosted window films, there is an array of surfaces, properties and price points to choose from. All of our wall and window films can be printed in full, photo-quality color, or spot color matched, for precisely die-cut text and stunning graphic presentation. Vinyl text and graphics can be adhered to any interior or exterior surface on floors, walls, windows and facades. Additional vinyl films and foils can be applied and morphed onto concrete, brick, wood and stone - to appear as a permanent or temporary custom-painted graphic surface. Vinyl Films and Foil samples are available upon request.


Laminating adds years of durability to any print, protecting against UV damage, scratches, and moisture. It is perfect for trade show, museum, and photographic display panels. Any of our smooth-surfaced materials up to 60” can be laminated.


Magnetic receptive media is a new class of print media that allows media to attract to magnetic bases without the heavy weight of magnets. Using magnetic media allows you to produce a variety of displays and change-outs that can be quickly and easily installed and de-installed on the same initial base fixture, eliminating the continuous cost of installation.
Unlike most other products on the market, this resilient material is easily cleaned with a damp cloth to remove minor blemishes and scratches, easy to roll up or stack, and damage-resistant. Additionally, the print quality is consistently beautiful. 


Every surface in a space, including windows and glass doors, can be used to convey your brand’s visual identity through logos or high-quality art, window films come in many different surfaces and methods of adhesion. Most films can be die-cut for custom graphic solutions; please contact an iolabs Team Member to discuss.