As a fine art print studio, we work with artists who specialize in all types of different mediums. The first step of artwork reproduction for any medium begins with a high quality scan or digital capture of the original artwork. Our experience, equipment, and dedication to detail give you a clear and accurate color correct scan the first time, each and every time. Whether it’s an original piece of artwork, a 35 mm slide, a faded photograph, or an irreplaceable map, you’ll see details you never thought could be captured with such clarity. 




 We have a 2400 dpi, large-format flatbed scanner which is ideal for smaller works and high-resolution film scans. Larger works are scanned as multi-part scans and digitally stitched together or digitally captured through professional photography using the most advanced cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment. 3D works, larger paintings, and work with textured brushstrokes and/or glossy surfaces must be photographed rather than scanned. 


Digital capture or scanning of original artwork is done at 300 dpi @ the size of the original artwork. The cost of digital capture / scanning includes basic global color corrections and file setup to match original artwork. Proofs and additional post-production work are additional fees. 

Minimum turnaround of 3-5 business days on all scanning or photography. All artwork will remain in our possession until the job is completed. 


iolabs offers restoration services that include but are not limited to:

  • Coloring and tinting for black and white photos

  • Moderate to advanced photo and artwork restorations including (but not limited to) color restorations, scratch repair, missing emulsion, embedded dirt and dust, water damage, creases, missing pieces, stains, faded ink lines, and writing

  • Custom graphic design layouts

  • Pantone and paint color matching


Scanning and digital capture pricing is based on the artwork’s overall original or intended file size. Restoration and post-production services are billed hourly. Please see our pricing guide for detailed pricing or contact us for a custom quote.