Artist Feature: Jon-Michael Baribault

JON-MICHAEL BARIBAULT is an artist living and working in Providence who creates sci-fi inspired conceptual surrealism. He has a background in architecture, design, and fine art. His primary medium of choice is acrylic paint, but also enjoys creating ink drawings, digital media, and screen printed images. His artistic concept focuses on the relationship between architecture, the built environment, and the subconscious mind. Drawing upon geometric themes, he superimposes structural framework onto organic matter to create spaces that can only exist in the dreamlike landscapes of his work. The imagery alludes to anatomical elements such as brains, tumors, and flesh while the intrusive presence of the harsh geometry within these “brainscapes” represents how humans live in a world created by fellow humans. His use of vibrant color adds a layer of whimsical surrealism illustrating the illusory experience of this subconscious phenomenon. Jon-Michael’s work seeks to illustrate the modern “indoor” lifestyle and its perpetuation of humanity’s disproportionate integration into the artificial environment. This ever-present exposure to the manmade world is undeniably rooted within our mind, manifesting itself in our memories as well as our dreams.

Obviously, color is a significant part of your work and draws the viewer in.
How do you decide what color palette to use for each piece?

It depends on whether I am working digitally or not. Most physical paintings I make will have a digital color study that is a rough idea of what I would like the colors to look like. From there I adjust as the painting goes on. I actually find it much more difficult to make decisions in regards to color when I am working purely digitally, because there are INFINITE possibilities, and I know I can always change things instantly if I want to. It makes it harder to make concrete decisions when I know that it can’t be easily changed. When I am painting, it forces me to make a more informed decision and is usually easier to make those decisions.

Do you prefer one medium over the other?

I prefer to use acrylic paints because I love to work with my hands. Literally, my favorite thing to do ever is paint while listening to music. It’s simple, it’s just where I feel most comfortable. Also, as stated in the previous question, it is sometimes a little too overwhelming for me when I work digitally, because of the endless and seemingly less permanent decisions. I go into full blown hoarder mode, create like 100 layers just for the hell of it, and then have trouble deciding on the different options I’ve presented myself.

image_6483441 3.JPG

You also paint large scale murals! How does your process shift based on the scale of a project?

The process is largely the same as if I was painting a smaller piece on canvas or wood panel. The main difference though is that I like to pre-mix the majority of the major colors that are going to be in the project, that way I’m not scratching my head too much when I’m starting it. Obviously I end up mixing and changing colors as I go, but pre-mixing colors gives me a good head start.

What music do you like to listen to as you paint?

My favorite music is progressive rock/metal, so there is always a lot of that blasting in the studio when I am working. I definitely think that over the years, the music I listen to (those genres in particular) has strongly influenced the form my artwork has taken. Each song feels like a new place that I can explore over and over again, and it feels new every single time I listen to them. I guess I strive to create similar places in my paintings. The structural forms in metal music feel so much more tangible to me than any other genre of music, and I think that is why I love it so much. Some of my favorite bands are Between the Buried and Me, The Dillinger Escape Plan, MGMT, Protest the Hero, The Fall of Troy, Tool, Cave In, Orbs, Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Grimes, Haken... (this list can almost literally go on forever and ever).

image_6483441 2.JPG

How often do your dreams affect/inspire your work?

If I’m being honest, I don’t feel as though my dreams inspire my work too drastically. I can say though, that when I am juuuust on the verge of falling asleep and I am in that weird mind space that teeters on the boundary of consciousness, some weird stuff can manifest! I will often visualize places that consist purely of shape and color, and that’s something that definitely affects my work. When I close my eyes at night, I often think about the project I am working on, or plan to work on. And I think doing that helps me to make decisions and develop the piece subconsciously.

If you could change anything about the world, what would it be? What would you keep the same?

If I could change one thing about the world, I would want everybody to be more mindful (myself included). I feel that a large majority of people live their lives based on concepts that were taught to them at a young age, and never bothering to question whether they are right for them or the world. Things such as diet, religion, political viewpoints - ideas that we inherit at a young age that some people never consider again in their life.

In addition to that, I wish people would be more conscious about when they are using their smartphone (again, myself included). Something seemingly as small as recording an entire song at a live music show. When people do that, they are robbing themselves of the actual experience of the live performance, so that they can watch the video maybe once after the fact, if at all. It may not seem like much in the moment, but all of those lost experiences accumulate over time.

You were recently published in an indie magazine, congrats!!
Tell us more? What was that experience like for you? Would you consider making books?

Thanks! Yes, I was published in Loner Magazine, an indie magazine and clothing brand that showcases artists from all over the world, and provides affordable skate-wear. It is a great publication and I highly recommend subscribing to them! It was awesome to see my artwork alongside the work of other great artists!

I have never really considered making books. However, something I have always been interested in is making conceptual album art for bands and artists. I have always been fascinated by album art because I feel it is just as important for the listening experience as the music itself. Take the album art for Dark Side of the Moon as an example. The album art for that record just feels right, and every time I see that iconic image I am instantly reminded of the musical journey that album takes you on. Each album booklet that is full of lyrics is like it’s own kind of book.

We’ve seen your work around Providence more and more, and are excited to follow what you do next. What are some of your upcoming happenings? Where are some of your favorite creative spaces in the area?

Yeah! I am going to have some work hanging at the AS220 main gallery on Empire St for the month of September. AS220 is one of my favorite places in Providence. It is a hub of creativity and has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a teenager. The food, the gigs, the galleries, the festivals, everything they do is amazing.

I have also recently completed a mural in the building formerly known as Firehouse 13, which is now Goodwill Engine Co. It is being renovated into an international hostel and music venue and it is an amazing place! It is full of murals and rich design. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to contribute something to a place that cool.

Thanks Jon-Michael for sharing with us! Have a peek at his instagram and website to see more, connect with him, commission work, and purchase some of his amazing art.


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