Our standard aluminum printing process involves a hand-brushed .020" gage aluminum sheet (up to 40" x 50"), that is pre-coated with an inkjet receptive coating. The sheet of aluminum is then printed on our inkjet printer and left to dry before being finished with multiple coatings of lacquer. 

To finish your aluminum print, we recommend mounting either to a custom panel box or mounting substrate. We offer gray 3mm KOMATEX with a gray float bracket for an easy finish and hanging solution.


Printing on wood is a unique solution for any artistic medium. The natural wood grain can transform the artwork. Prints are made by coating sheets of wood veneer (birch or maple) to accept our UltraChrome inks. Our maximum printing size for wood is 45" x 90". Once printed we lacquer the wood to protect it from the elements and give it a finished look. 

iolabs offers finishing and hanging solutions that take your wood veneer print further. Options include mounting to a solid wood cherry panel with a keyhole notch, birch plywood mounting with keyhole option, custom panel boxes (including birch ply panel boxes and bamboo panel boxes), float brackets, and more. Check out our Framing + Mounting options.